Welcome to Armchair Anglers!

          A registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization 
                 in the State of Florida providing
         Accessible Boating and Fishing in Fort Myers, FL
We want to help people with disabilities get on the water.
Armchair Anglers Wheelchair Accessible BoatingArmchair Anglers Wheelchair Accessible BoatingArmchair Anglers Wheelchair Accessible Boating


To provide everyone a day on the water regardless of their physical challenges or other special needs.

Armchair Anglers has a wheelchair accessible boat that will give persons with disabilities a boating and fishing experience at no charge. Participants, along with friends or family, will pick their boating outing of choice - Fishing, beach, sightseeing cruise (maybe even see a dolphin or manatee). 

We fully support the ADA and other like minded organizations so together we can make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities.


To increase our communties understanding, acceptance, as well as desire to include and accommodate people with disabilities.

To eventually expand our services by obtaining new products for our participants to use. This could include a beach - water wheelchair, boat lift to access the water if you can't use a ladder and other products to enhance the enjoyment and lives of people with disabilities on, in or by the water.
To work together with other organizations that provide outdoor and water based activities across the country for individuals with special needs.


To share the restorative healing benefits only a day on the water can provide. 
To help everyone realize their able (abilities). 
To utilize creative, innovative accommodations to get everyone on the water.
To bring people together by reminding them with a little help nothing is off limits.  
To promote conservation and education of our beautiful waterways.
To share information so we can help other programs provide like minded opportunities for people with disablities in their communities.


For anyone with mobility issues and ambulatory disabilities. We can accommodate 2 wheelchairs or one scooter per boat trip along with additional seating for up to 4 family or friends.

Anyone with developmental disabilities, life-threatening illnesses, and mental health issues. Plus veterans, active military, at-risk youth, and children or teens in foster care. We can accommodate up to 8 guests per boat outing.

Please fill out our "sign up form" to schedule your boating adventure today.
Do you or someone you know have special needs or physical challenges?
                                  We want to take you boating!!!
Armchair Anglers Wheelchair Accessible Fishing Charters


With your help, anyone with physical challenges or other special needs, young or old, can enjoy the beauty and healing that only a day on the water can provide. Help us spread the news so we can share the restorative, fun, heathly benefits of boating to everyone!

We are volunteering our time, boat and resources. All donations go directly to boat trip costs and to expand our services.  
Please join us and
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